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If you are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis and need assistance, please contact Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS):

Northern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-652-2929
Southern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-345-6785


Drug and Alcohol treatment resources insurance and medicaid:

Acadia Mobile Assessment – https://www.acadiahealthcare.com/programming-treatment/detox/
Detox & Rehab-24/7 Immediate Help and pickup. Contact: Charles Parsons @ 410-334-0862

Banyan Treatment Center http://banyantreatmentcenter.com/
Immediate Help 24/7 Detox & Rehab in Milford, DE @ 844-285-0221

CLH Health Services https://clhservices.de/
Immediate help and pickup. Complete services in Seaford, DE @ (302) 316-3848

Coras Wellness Men’s Residential Treatment- https://coraswellness.org
Immediate Help 24/7 Detox and Rehab in Harrington, DE @ 833-886-2277

SUN Behavioral Health https://sunbehavioral.com/delaware/
Immediate Help 24/7 Detox n Georgetown, DE @ 302-205-0361

Warwick Manor Behavioral Health https://www.warwickmanor.org/
Intensive short-term treatment near Cambridge, MD @ 410-943-8108


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The following local organizations may be able to help with initial funding, employment
and other community re-entry resources Please visit their websites for qualifications and contacts:

Assistance after treatment
First State Community Action Agency https://www.firststatecaa.org/

Transitioning from incarceration
The Way Home https://www.twhprogram.org/