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All Christian Grace Supportive Homes have as their main goal relapse and recidivism prevention.

Our homes run best when residents have an equal voice. No resident is a manager or has any authority over another. Each resident is a welcome guest, who should feel safe and comfortable in a supportive atmosphere. A Director or Owner will recommend procedures such as weekly chores and maintenance, and oversee meeting schedules, events and disputes.

For everyone’s sobriety and safety, our rules are not suggestions!

As a resident you will be agreeing to a set of rules, and a program that includes complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

Your agreement to these rules means that you understand that there is no landlord / tenant protections in place for you as a resident. You are not leasing a room from a landlord, you are participating in a program of sobriety and community re-entry. There is NO LEASE, only a set of rules and terms.

To review our rules and terms click here RULES & TERMS